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‘Painting for me is the freedom to create and there is always something new to learn. Mistakes made, usually turn out to be the best part of the painting because it is unexpected. Never let yourself get bored.’

Jun 16, 2016


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May 3, 2012

Hanging With My Bro (Jo)

Acrylic, Ink, Collage, Oil Pastel, Charcoal, Pen, on Ply

This painting shows the joy, laughter and playfulness of children. The girls are seen hanging upside down looking puppet-like, entertaining their baby brother. They shower him with small collage flowers representing spring, new life, and nature.

Mick & Ferno

 Acrylic, Ink, Collage, Oil, Charcoal on Ply

Companionship comes in many forms.

My brother recently befriended a young rooster named Ferno. When visiting my older brother, Ferno followed up to the house and made himself right at home. I had to capture this unlikely friendship within a painting.

Nov 11, 2011

Caboolture Hub Regional Gallery

The new Caboolture Hub Art Gallery/Library/Learning Centre is still under construction. It will be completed in December. I can't wait to get a look inside!

Nov 2, 2011

Dry Times: Watering The Lawn 2006

One of my favourites that I have kept for our wall.

In the dry of 2006, our lawn was very hot and crispy. Strict water regulations were set therefore the only time anything got watered was if our dog lifted his leg on it.

Jul 16, 2011

Bedtime Stories

Mixed Media (Acrylic; Pigment Powder; Collage; Ink) on Canvas.

A recently completed still life to enter into the Annual Hervey Bay Art Competition August 2011.

Jan 28, 2011

Pine Rivers Art Gallery

For the period of January 28 to February 11 2010, my work occupies the gallery window at Pine Rivers Art Gallery. I have 4 abstract pieces showing - including my latest piece 'Lunar sea'. 


Jul 5, 2010

The Annual Walk of Inspiration 2010 Charity Auction

Each year my brother organises a charity walk through the Integrated Martial Arts Club. This fundraiser is held on the beach at Hervey Bay to raise money for the Humanity Healing Foundation. After the walk there is an auction of donated goods to also raise funds. I donated a drawing for this auction & hope to do so each year. All up, the walk & auction went well with fantastic local support. A great day!!

Natures Little Nurterer Pencil on Paper

Evening Bath I & II


Jun 17, 2010

Latest Painting

This painting is called: Frank (Cut Along The Dotted Line). Just finished it last night!

Earth Songs For Peace and Harmony Exhibiton

I have been asked to include works at Gatakers Artspace, 102 Wharf Street Maryborough. Earth Songs for Peace and Harmony is officially opened on Friday 18 June 5.30 - 7.30pm at Gatakers Artspace. There will be artist talks & live music. On Thursday 24 June 1pm - 3pm Poetry for Peace: Bilingual poetry readings, harp music, and universal peace songs.

Moreton Bay Awards Night

Another year showcasing some great work Australia wide. It really is a worthwhile exhibition to look at. I really enjoyed the photography section this year.

Apr 9, 2010

Moreton Bay Art Awards 2010

My 3D entry has been accepted in this years' art awards.
Also, my good friends Amanda Russian and Dona Norwood have all had there entries accepted as well. What a fun night we are to have. Goodluck ladies!

Mar 26, 2010

Jallas Cafe

I have a whole wall to display my paintings at Jalla's Cafe at Woodford. Great little cafe - yummy food & live entertainment from 1pm on Saturdays. I went in early Friday morning with a ute load of paintings to hang (with help thank goodness) a 5 1/2 month old and a 2 year old. It was a bit of a juggle but it all went smoothly (probably took twice as long as it normally would..ha!). I think that they will be there for 6 weeks, I have to double check on that - it will be great to get some feedback and even better if it encourages sales!!

Feb 8, 2010

Moreton Bay Entry

I am currently working on my 2010 Moreton Bay Art Awards entry. It will be another 3D entry this year. Last year I entered a 3D piece which was accepted into this competition, much to my delight. See how I go this year.
2009 Moreton Bay Awards Entry :
Twice The Woman

Watch this space for a preview of my 2010 entry!

Jan 11, 2010

Back Again!

I disappeared for a while, all for a good reason. I created for the second time, my most rewarding and precious masterpiece I could ever imagine creating...my 2nd little baby girl....Indigo. I have been very busy learning to juggle two beautiful little girls along with the normalities of day to day duties as well as the busy festive season. I still have not touched on any painting since getting home from the hospital in October. I did sketch up a picture from a photograph of my first child while in hospital but nothing since then.
I have a photo of me painting for the Woodford Art Competition a week before giving birth. I finished it just in time... whew! Thank you to my wonderful friends and family that ran around for me to frame and deliver it to and from the show while I was in hospital.

2010 WILL be a creative year...a slow start but I know I will build up momentum and inspiration as the year progresses (and when I feel a little less sleep deprived)  - my 2 year old is putting me to shame at the moment and getting more art completed than her mother... ha!

Sep 8, 2009

Lovers Embrace in Dioxazine Wilderness

Acrylic on Canvas
Another piece from a series of monochromatic paintings using a very stylized approach.

Girl with Red Rose / Fire In Her Hair; Water In Her Veins

Acrylic/Pencil/Sand on Canvas Board (Sold)

                                         Acrylic/Pencil/Sand on Canvas Board

Small Gatherings/Meaningful Collections

Acrylic/Ink on Canvas
I entered this painting into the Hervey Bay Annual Art Exhibition, where it sold. Must admit this was a bittersweet moment as it was a personal favourite. Now, I have a big empty space on my wall to remind me what I have loved and lost. I will use that space as an incentive to paint something that I will love even more.. ha. I guess each painting is a little piece of you and it is sometimes hard to part with .

Tropical Calm I & II

Acrylic on Canvas.
Two paintings that complement each other from my earlier collection.

Afternoon Fruit

Acrylic on Canvas

In The Shed - Mondure

Acrylic/Ink/Mixed Media on Canvas

Red Dirt - Farrers Road

Acrylic on Canvas
Part of a farm series. This is a home favourite which hangs on our wall. Although my parents have retired off the farm, it is a lovely reminder of part of the red dirt country where I grew up. It is currently on loan for the public to view at the Woodford Library.

Turakina Baches

Acrylic/Ink/Mixed Media on Canvas (Tryptich)
This painting was from our travels to New Zealand. North Island Turakina - a colourful row of baches (beach houses) full of personality. I made the painting into a tryptich. I had plenty of offers to buy just the 'sky' piece or the 'grass' piece. I ended up with a commission for a similar 'grass' canvas when it showed at the group exhibition 'Rites of Recognition'. Which now resides in Coffs Harbour N.S.W. 
The original painting has a new home in Brisbane QLD.