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‘Painting for me is the freedom to create and there is always something new to learn. Mistakes made, usually turn out to be the best part of the painting because it is unexpected. Never let yourself get bored.’

Jan 11, 2010

Back Again!

I disappeared for a while, all for a good reason. I created for the second time, my most rewarding and precious masterpiece I could ever imagine creating...my 2nd little baby girl....Indigo. I have been very busy learning to juggle two beautiful little girls along with the normalities of day to day duties as well as the busy festive season. I still have not touched on any painting since getting home from the hospital in October. I did sketch up a picture from a photograph of my first child while in hospital but nothing since then.
I have a photo of me painting for the Woodford Art Competition a week before giving birth. I finished it just in time... whew! Thank you to my wonderful friends and family that ran around for me to frame and deliver it to and from the show while I was in hospital.

2010 WILL be a creative year...a slow start but I know I will build up momentum and inspiration as the year progresses (and when I feel a little less sleep deprived)  - my 2 year old is putting me to shame at the moment and getting more art completed than her mother... ha!


  1. Hey there Billy....I know exactly how you feel....I'm afraid I haven't been able to get any painting done too. Probably won't...until the kids are back at school...2 weeks and counting!!

  2. Great to receive this update from you Belinda! You have such a gift with your artistic creativity, each day the energy in my heart swirls when I look at and feel the picture you painted for me "The Rise Of The Infinite Heart"... I absolutly love it!
    Wishing you and Brian and your beautiful children Savannah & Indigo the most wonderful experiences throughout this new year. (did you get a chance yet to go and see the movie "Avatar"? it is awesome).
    With appreciation, love and best wishes from Mick

  3. This is a beautiful, beautiful painting!