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‘Painting for me is the freedom to create and there is always something new to learn. Mistakes made, usually turn out to be the best part of the painting because it is unexpected. Never let yourself get bored.’

Sep 8, 2009

Lovers Embrace in Dioxazine Wilderness

Acrylic on Canvas
Another piece from a series of monochromatic paintings using a very stylized approach.

Girl with Red Rose / Fire In Her Hair; Water In Her Veins

Acrylic/Pencil/Sand on Canvas Board (Sold)

                                         Acrylic/Pencil/Sand on Canvas Board

Small Gatherings/Meaningful Collections

Acrylic/Ink on Canvas
I entered this painting into the Hervey Bay Annual Art Exhibition, where it sold. Must admit this was a bittersweet moment as it was a personal favourite. Now, I have a big empty space on my wall to remind me what I have loved and lost. I will use that space as an incentive to paint something that I will love even more.. ha. I guess each painting is a little piece of you and it is sometimes hard to part with .

Tropical Calm I & II

Acrylic on Canvas.
Two paintings that complement each other from my earlier collection.

Afternoon Fruit

Acrylic on Canvas

In The Shed - Mondure

Acrylic/Ink/Mixed Media on Canvas

Red Dirt - Farrers Road

Acrylic on Canvas
Part of a farm series. This is a home favourite which hangs on our wall. Although my parents have retired off the farm, it is a lovely reminder of part of the red dirt country where I grew up. It is currently on loan for the public to view at the Woodford Library.

Turakina Baches

Acrylic/Ink/Mixed Media on Canvas (Tryptich)
This painting was from our travels to New Zealand. North Island Turakina - a colourful row of baches (beach houses) full of personality. I made the painting into a tryptich. I had plenty of offers to buy just the 'sky' piece or the 'grass' piece. I ended up with a commission for a similar 'grass' canvas when it showed at the group exhibition 'Rites of Recognition'. Which now resides in Coffs Harbour N.S.W. 
The original painting has a new home in Brisbane QLD.