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‘Painting for me is the freedom to create and there is always something new to learn. Mistakes made, usually turn out to be the best part of the painting because it is unexpected. Never let yourself get bored.’

Jun 17, 2010

Latest Painting

This painting is called: Frank (Cut Along The Dotted Line). Just finished it last night!

Earth Songs For Peace and Harmony Exhibiton

I have been asked to include works at Gatakers Artspace, 102 Wharf Street Maryborough. Earth Songs for Peace and Harmony is officially opened on Friday 18 June 5.30 - 7.30pm at Gatakers Artspace. There will be artist talks & live music. On Thursday 24 June 1pm - 3pm Poetry for Peace: Bilingual poetry readings, harp music, and universal peace songs.

Moreton Bay Awards Night

Another year showcasing some great work Australia wide. It really is a worthwhile exhibition to look at. I really enjoyed the photography section this year.